• The Privilege of Success

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    After a seven month hiatus, I write my thoughts on how we need to change the way we view our personal success.

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What Did The Nigger Say To The Paki?

What Did The Nigger Say To The Paki? The first of August, 2012. Eleven nineteen. My interest in race and black history goes back as far as primary school, where, sat in a truly multicultural class of African, Asian, Kosovan, English and Caribbean children, we learnt about the Benin Bronzes, the Egyptian mummies, the Bermuda … Continue reading

What Happens When You Find Love?

What Happens WhenYou Find Love? Twenty-eighth of April, 2012. Two oh one. I think I have written and deleted this post about five or six times now over the past few months, each time deciding that what I had written was either too emotional or too clinical, or just plain incoherent. So, in my umpteenth … Continue reading

Book List

Book List Second of April, 2012. Twelve thirty-four. And because I’m always asked this, I thought I’d do an updated list of books I’ve read and enjoyed (or yet to read but certain I will enjoy), and therefore would recommend. I’ve included ten non-fiction and ten fiction books. Non-Fiction – The Road Less Travelled – … Continue reading

Suffering and Happiness are Twins, Part Three

Suffering & Happiness are Twins Part Three Thirtieth of December, 2011. Eleven twenty-eight “Christian! Christopher!” She shouted again. If there was any area that both her boys had shown little improvement, it was responding promptly when she called them, and neither had mastered the concept of waking up before 11 am. She had made akara … Continue reading

Suffering and Happiness are Twins, Part Two

Suffering and Happiness are Twins Part Two Thirtieth of December, 2011. Eleven twenty-eight   Months had passed since she had evicted her sons from the house. That night she barely slept. The coldness of the blade of the knife she had stashed under her pillow penetrated the polyester filling and kept her awake. She was … Continue reading


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