The Day I Quit My Job

The Day I Quit My Job  Ninth of October, 2011. Eight fifteen. Eight weeks ago, my heart pumped in my throat as my trembling hands handed over the unusually formal letter. As soon as that sheet of paper left my hands, I knew there was no turning back. This was it. I had no concrete … Continue reading

How to make a [Christian] girl like you

How to make a [Christian] girl like you Nineteenth of October, 2010. One oh one. So you’ve just seen Angela again, that pretty girl who helps run the young adults’ ministry in Church. She’s about 5’5’’, which is just the right height for you because you estimate that in high heeled shoes she’d be, at … Continue reading

In the beginning…

I started university on a hype… over-excited, immature, irrational, naive and under-experienced, but still thinking I knew it all. Surprisingly. I look back at the way I was and, wow, I cringe at some, ok, most of the things I did and said back then.


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