The Privilege of Success


The Privilege of Success Nine forty-three, eighth of March 2013.   Some time ago I started to observe a school of thought rapidly gaining traction amongst my peers and initially, I allowed myself to be buoyed along with this trend, without querying its nuances or consequences. After a short while, however, I began to look … Continue reading

What Did The Nigger Say To The Paki?

What Did The Nigger Say To The Paki? The first of August, 2012. Eleven nineteen. My interest in race and black history goes back as far as primary school, where, sat in a truly multicultural class of African, Asian, Kosovan, English and Caribbean children, we learnt about the Benin Bronzes, the Egyptian mummies, the Bermuda … Continue reading

The Day I Quit My Job

The Day I Quit My Job  Ninth of October, 2011. Eight fifteen. Eight weeks ago, my heart pumped in my throat as my trembling hands handed over the unusually formal letter. As soon as that sheet of paper left my hands, I knew there was no turning back. This was it. I had no concrete … Continue reading

The Girl Who Cried, Rape!

Eleven fourty-four. Tenth of June, 2010. Rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence amongst adults and young people are great phenomena. Despite gallant attempts at equality and political correction, these crimes seem to be the only ones where the victim is likely to receive blame for the attack, or have blame distributed ‘fairly’ between both them … Continue reading


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