What Happens When You Find Love?

What Happens WhenYou Find Love? Twenty-eighth of April, 2012. Two oh one. I think I have written and deleted this post about five or six times now over the past few months, each time deciding that what I had written was either too emotional or too clinical, or just plain incoherent. So, in my umpteenth … Continue reading

How to make a [Christian] girl like you

How to make a [Christian] girl like you Nineteenth of October, 2010. One oh one. So you’ve just seen Angela again, that pretty girl who helps run the young adults’ ministry in Church. She’s about 5’5’’, which is just the right height for you because you estimate that in high heeled shoes she’d be, at … Continue reading

The CrazyBlackWoman Gene

The CrazyBlackWoman Gene, CBW-X February fifteenth, 2010. Ten thirty. I’m sure that by now most people understand that much of how we look or function as individual human beings is inherited. Most people have 23 pairs of chromosomes, tightly wound structures of DNA and protein, on which our inherited genes can be found. Of the … Continue reading

Corinne Bailey Rae

Listening to Corinne on my way to my ballet lesson, hearing her sing of infatuated love in, ‘Breathless’ and ‘Another Rainy Day’, makes my heart flutter. I remember how this feels, when you love someone so much that when you think of them your eyes water from the joy and pleasure you derive simply from their presence on this earth.

In the beginning…

I started university on a hype… over-excited, immature, irrational, naive and under-experienced, but still thinking I knew it all. Surprisingly. I look back at the way I was and, wow, I cringe at some, ok, most of the things I did and said back then.


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